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Branding Kit

After Hours Wine Bar

Branding Kit made for

Wine Bars, Cocktail Bars, Wine Makers,

Natural Wine, Bistros, and your Business!

Every Branding Kit will be sold only 1x

so your brand stays unique!

Investment 700€

This Branding Kit is perfect for you and your business?! Awesome! go and get it!


Branding Kit

Brand Board

The Package

Further Notice:

Only the Brand Elements shown on the brand board are included and will be customized.

Thrid Party LICENSEES are not include.

This is a digital product. Returns or exchanges are not possible.

You Accept Terms and Conditions with our purchase.

The Designs are intellectual Property of Coopers Apartment / Elena Blessing. Resale is not PERMITTED.

This is how it works

Luxe and unique Brand Packages,

designed with lots of Love and Experience

ready for you in less than 2 weeks

The Process

You Fall in Love

Gimme all the Info

It’s (almost) yours

I make it YOURS!

Let’s Celebrate!

let's get started

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